College guys are hard to shop for! But we’ve got you covered with the best gifts for college guys.You see, it’s that time of year again. Every institution of higher learning throughout our great country has begun to open its doors and start the learning process all over again. Students are back on campus, and their minds are revitalized from summer vacation. Teachers are ready to start shaping young minds again.As everyone begins to emerge back on the campus scene, many students realize they know nothing about the person they plan to share a small room in the dorms with for the next ten months. They may have met their new roommate on Facebook or Instagram, but that hardly constitutes actually knowing someone. This can create many a stressful and occasionally awkward situation for new roommates. Tensions can be high the first time someone spills some Ramen Noodles in the microwave. Tensions get even higher the first time you show up at three in the morning after a party and wake your roommate up. (Parents, do you still remember those college days?) The fact of the matter is tensions are always bound to be high when you live in a small square box with another human.However, you should have no fear. There’s an easy way to ease any tension with your new roommate before any problems arise…

College Guys Rarely Gift Themselves With Gourmet

See, we’ve found out through detailed research that college students rarely eat well. By rarely, I mean never – unless parents weekend counts. Typically,  cafeterias on-campus are not designed to be a bastion of gourmet cooking. The café at your school may keep you awake but it is not certainly a treat to your palate. Plus, microwaved Ramen Noodles gets old really quick.

Fresh Baked Gifts Warm The Heart

This means your roommate is probably craving some decent food. Most college kids find the desire to eat food of substance growling within their bellies by the second week of the semester. If you’re really committed to keeping relations with your new roommate on the up and up this semester – you need to offer him or her some really good food.You could take him or her out to eat at a nice restaurant, but let’s be honest here – you’re already around each other enough. You don’t want to look at each other for another hour while eating. So what’s the solution then? Send your roommate some gourmet cookies from Marcelita’s Cookies this semester. Gourmet cookies from Marcelita’s are designed to go straight from your roommate’s taste buds to his or her heart.

Coffee And Cookies Makes The Perfect Gift For Any College Guys

And here is the best part. If you have not called home lately to say hi to mom and dad, give them a call, send a text, or an email and ask for a gift box of delicious Marcelita’s gourmet Cookies and Coffee. You can share them with your roommate, use the cookies and coffee for extra fuel when studying late at night, or even share them in their beautiful packaging when going out on a date.No matter what your goal is with gourmet cookies: be it getting started on the right foot with your new roommate or apologizing for waking your roommate up at four in the morning for the fifth time already this semester – Marcelita’s Cookies can help you bring a smile to any hungry college guy’s face.We can ship to any college and every dorm across the United States.