A new year always brings new resolutions and, everybody’s starting to look around for the perfect branded gifts. But the holidays aren’t the only time of the year to send gifts to your clients, vendors, partners, and other important business relations. And gourmet food gifts make wonderful business gifts all throughout the year.While holiday corporate gifts can go a long way to building long-lasting profitable relationships, we’ve found that the best time to send branded gifts is when it’s least expected. Combined with high-quality customer support and a valuable product or service, unexpected gifts commemorate events and make the recipients feel special. Randomly sending cookie gift baskets to your clients throughout the year shows that you spontaneously remember them without the pressure of the holidays, which indicates how much you truly value that relationship. And when your clients can feel how much you care about them, they’ll reward you with increased loyalty, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing.Here are some ideas for the best times to give cookie gift baskets other than the holidays. Use this list to brainstorm ideas of your own to commemorate special events or make your clients feel special.

Schedule Marcelita’s Corporate Gift Baskets With Your Branded Message Throughout The Year

  • Anniversary of starting their business or their relationship with you
  • Congratulations – after a particularly successful period for their business
  • Welcome & Thank you – after a brand-new client has signed on with you
  • Great meeting – after seeing a client at a conference or other event
  • A little under the weather – Get well and speedy recovery wishes
  • As a thank-you for a personal referral
Gourmet food gifts are always a good idea, and Marcelita’s Cookies is here to help you send the perfect corporate gift at any time of year. When do you send branded gifts other than the holidays? We’d love to hear your thoughts!