Gifts for Any Celebration

Why do we celebrate? Why are holidays and other occasions so special? The answer is simple: Celebrations make us human. Celebrating milestones together separates us from every other species on earth. Celebrations mark all the important times in our lives. From birth to death, celebrations hold us together. 

Cookies Bring Us Together

Humans are social creatures. Most of our celebrations revolve around food. Family gatherings feature homemade meals – birthday parties aren’t complete without the cake, and football games mean chips and dip. Cookies are a great way to celebrate all of these times and more! Cookies are the perfect snack. They are easy to transport, easy to eat and don’t require a plate and a fork. People of all ages love cookies. Kids can enjoy a cookie while playing in the backyard, and corporate executives can grab a cookie on the way to their next meeting. 

Cookie Gifts Made to Order

Marcelita’s Cookies combine the best of both worlds. We ship individually wrapped cookies to any city in the country, and we take pride in delivering cookies that are fresh, with the taste that only homemade can bring. If you live far from family and friends, Marcelita’s can ship delicious cookies that include a personalized message, to make the recipient feel a little closer. Marcelita’s Cookies compliment any occasion and will be a welcome surprise to any celebration.

So, go ahead! Send an order of Marcelita’s Cookies to your friends, family or coworkers. Even if they are far away from you, they will feel your love in every bite. Cookies may be simple, but there is no easier way to make people feel appreciated.If you have any questions about our products or would like more information on large deliveries, contact us here. We love our customers, and we will help you find the perfect gift to celebrate!

Corporate Gift Ideas for Chiropractors


You’re a business that has a strategic referral partnership with your chiropractor. You want to make sure they can keep sending you the work they recommend, so I laid out how you can maintain multiple relationshisp by using this strategy using corporate gift ideas for chiropractors.

You may be a physical therapist, personal injury attourney or a surgeon that gets referral work from your local chiropractors that you have a relationship with. While they handle the regular work injury or auto accident, sometimes they deal with the patient that would highly need a personal injury medical professional.

However, you’re dealing with relationships in your business, and you’re here trying to find that chiropractor thank you gift that they will enjoy.

I’m going to show you a unique corprate gifting idea that will always be appreciated, that the chiropractor will be able to share with their team, and for them to continue sending you strategic referrals…

All without you spending more than 5 minutes per chiropractor to make it a unique present.

It won’t ever looked like a rushed, last minute delivery.

You should be able to customize the gift with their company’s logo and add a message, so its not just something straight off another business gifting company.

But it’ll be 100% personalised, from your relationship that form a message imprinted within the package itself.

That’ll be the first thing they experience. Your tactical message will always be read the your gift reciever.

But when they taste the unique gourmet gifts…

The latino spiced cookies are unique blend of nutmeg, butterscotch, carmele and chocolate. With it sent from a  Minnesota corporate gifting company, the butter is sourced from Land-o-Lakes because of the intense quality and difference it makes.

They’re individually packaged without preservatives, and baked less than 72 hours from the date of order.

This means that once your chiropractic gift arrives, it’ll quickly be gobbled up by their chiro team who will always think of your company as a strategic partner.

What do other b2b gifts look like?

Logo-printed merchandise and expensive pens that aren’t the company’s own logo.

A gift basket of random items that most people like… but isn’t really personalised.

Or even a gift card for business owners…

But when you send them baked goods as a thank you present, you’ll be kept in their mind, with only minutes of your time, and using our unique scaling strategy you can prospect and send thank you gifts for up to 100 chiropractic offices with only a few hours of your (or your front-desk’s time).

Just reach out to us and schedule a 1 to 1 corporate gifting strategy session and we’ll share our unique latino cookie with you.

Talk to you soon.

Unique Gift Idea for Dentists | Business Gifts for Dental Offices


Keeping a professional relationship with a dentist pays off with referrals to your practice. If you are a dental specialist that wants to grow your business, then you can use this unique gift idea for dentists to build that referral relationship to grow your dental office.

Why do business gifts work?

Most busineses rarely get gifts – and your compeitors are trying to grow their business and displace you, and when you are trying to maintain a relationship with a dentist then you can send a thoughtful gift. Business gifts work on the give-and-take nature of reprocity, and when the dentist can’t handle the specialist dental work, you’ll be able to handle any overflow or unique patients.

Keeping a professional relationship with a dentist pays off with referrals to your practice. If you are a dental specialist that wants to grow your business, then you can use this unique gift idea for dentists to build that referral relationship to grow your dental office.

Get New Patients & Always Be First In Mind

Business Gifts for a dentist let you connect with patients without needing to do any traditional advertisting, networking, or mailers. A specialist dental patient brings in thousands to a practice. You cannot afford to ignore this strategy.

General dentists refer work to orthodontists and other specialists that are able to do a professional job that the dentists is unable or unwilling to do. Needing a specific treatment, the patient is given a recomenation to be introduced to another dental office that can do the special treatment. That recomendation and practice should be yours.

How much does a corporate gift strategy cost?

Most dental offices have a budget for advertisting and marketing. Sometimes these are print mailers, yellow page ads, or adword costs. However, a few offices don’t have a dental marketing strategy for referrals using business gifts. Still, you may find results after sending one gift.

If you are able to track your return for offices, then this strategy can produce a measurable return with as many dentists you can maintain on a first name basis with.

How to track your corporate gifting for dentists

You may use a spreadsheet of all of the dentists you have a professional relationship with to track corporate gifting return. If you’re sending a follow up business gift after a meeting with a dentist, you can keep a date as when you sent a present out.

If and when you get a referral from that dentist, you should record the referral and identify your top producing (and ineffective) relationships. If one referral is worth $4000 to your practice, and the gift is worth $40, you may produce a generous return.

Maintain 100 Dental Relationships over the weekend

This dentist gift idea will let you send a corporate gift, uniquely designed

If you maintain 100 dental relationships with 100 different dentists, sending one gift per year would cost you $40 and 5 minutes of a thoughtful message to go inside each package. In total, that’s $4000 and a full 8 hour day to prepare…

… But if getting one patient for you breaks even, and you’re in the forefront of a current specialist of 100 dentists then you’ll see the return.

You’re networking, tried spending tens of thousands on advertisting already, and have a untapped network of dental practices you have met through events and networking groups.

What are the alternatives to corporate gifting?

The strategy that you’re using to grow your practice is getting you the results you’re getting today. Radio ads aren’t trackable. Untrustworthy marketing companies contact you daily. And if you are too busy to spend 8 hours to grow your business with maintaining 100 dentists you can try an alternative. You may test this strategy with 10 of the dentists in your network for only $400, and the worst case will be no patients will come from it immediately, but you’ll build massive goodwill and reprocity with your network.

Finally, a free corporate gifting training that scales your outreach

You’d use the cookie concerge program to rapidly build and maintain your professional network. You’ll be able to learn exactly what the dentist business gift is as well as try it yourself. The cookie concierge program is incredibly easy to use, and the true beauty is it can even be handled by your office manager or front-desk secretary.

10 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Your Boss


Confused on what to give to convey your goodwill to your head honcho? We got you covered with a list of wonderful gift ideas. They’re appropriate for most occasions and affordable.

Most employees agree that shopping for your boss can be a stressful task, depending on your boss’ personality. Some people can get away with a friendly and kind boss, while others will struggle to not offend their strict and no-nonsense boss. It’s good to be thoughtful of your upper charge, but you don’t need to unnecessarily stress yourself on how to express your gratitude.

Not only your co-workers, but your boss will appreciate your thoughtfulness for giving them a gift. Wonderful gifts will not only show them how much you care about their well-being but can potentially set you up in line for that long overdue promotion. Your gift should reflect your goodwill in order to improve their impression of you.

Another thing to consider is your relationship with your head honcho. The closer, the better, since you’ll get to know what they would like or what they’re into. But if you’re someone who gets into their room just to get them to sign your checks, you might have to look for something more generic. Yes, it’s awkward when you gift them personalized wines and then you find out that they don’t drink.

Keep it simple when buying a gift for someone who signs your paycheck. Not everyone buys individual gifts for their boss, but it’ll help to shape their thoughts on you.

But you might ask, “I don’t really know my boss, what should I buy?” Here’s our list of 10 wonderful gift ideas to show your thoughtfulness. In no order, check it out!

  1. Pen Holder
    If your boss is still using an old-fashioned tin can as a pen holder, you might consider a specifically-designed one to beautify his office with a smart-looking pen holder. It’s an epitome of stylish storage yet still functional to hold pens needed to sign your checks. Click here for (random Amazon pen holder link).

  2. Tea Assortment
    A good alternative if your boss doesn’t like drinking from a coffee machine, chances are he’ll appreciate a good tea. An office tea time with a quality tea will boost everyone’s mood, They come with varieties that range from relaxing drinks to healthy ones that boost immunity. Click here for (random Amazon tea box link).

  3. Desktop Clock
    A classy desktop clock brings a great addition to your boss’ office, with style. One thing you should consider is their style preference. Do they prefer retro style for office decoration that goes well with historical business or sleek, modern style that goes well with modern companies? Click here for (random Amazon retro clock link) or click here for (random Amazon modern clock link).

  4. Embroidered Travel Case
    If your boss is someone who travels a lot for a business reason, he’ll appreciate an embroidered travel case to avoid mixing up his case with the others. Get a travel case with his name embroidered, and make sure the case can hold up typical items you’ll bring with you when going on a long trip. It will go a long way. Click here for (random Amazon travel case link).

  5. Power Bank
    Goes well if your boss also goes on a lot of business trips. They’ll usually stay on the road long enough without any nearby electric plug to recharge their phone. Make sure that your thoughtfulness is warmly received in the form of a mobile, powerful power bank. Great choice for your boss and co-workers alike. Click here for (random Amazon power bank link).

  6. Neck Shoulder Massager
    When it becomes a stressful situation at the office, most people will go for a massage as a relief. What if your boss is too busy to get a masseuse? A good neck shoulder massager is like a professional masseuse on call. Easy to use and effective, ensure that your boss’ stress level is low enough. Click here for (random Amazon neck shoulder massager link).

  7. Business Card Holder
    A good business card is a sign of professionalism, but having a chic-looking business card holder is also important. Any professional won’t argue with that idea, and they’ll appreciate a good business card case to show that they belong to an elite class. Show your boss that you care. Click here for (random Amazon business card holder link).

  8. Assorted Succulents
    Although your boss isn’t a green thumb, no problem. Those plants require almost zero care, and they can be great additions to any office. They’re small enough and don’t occupy a large space. They bring nice color and texture to brighten up the surroundings. Click here for (random Amazon assorted succulents link).

  9. Gourmet Coffee
    Some professionals are big coffee connoisseurs. They need extra energy whenever they want it, and they will prefer an aromatic, expert-blended coffee over ordinary coffee packs you find in supermarkets. Your boss can also flaunt it in front of their clients or fellow executives, and that’s a plus. Coffee from the region of Chiapas, Mexico, for example, has a pleasant snap and distinct flavor that will please coffee lovers’ taste buds. Click here for gourmet coffee selected from Chiapas, Mexico.

  10. Gourmet Cookies
    A box of gourmet cookies can go a long way to express your goodwill. In holidays, your boss will share those delicious treats with their family members or relatives. Everyone loves cookies, especially gourmet ones. Those come with a carefully designed, personalized box, to make them stand out from usual roadside cookies. You might want to buy it for yourself, but make sure to buy some for your boss. Click here for family recipe, Latino gourmet cookies with your personalized message.

Finding a great gift can be a quite demanding task. But some gifts can suit every occasion and personalities. Click here to buy an excellent gift that fits everyone, today!

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas instead of stuff for your boss, check this one. Click here for 10 wonderful corporate gift ideas.

Thank You Gifts for Real Estate Professionals


You’re looking for Thank You Gifts for real estate professional to thank your referral parter for a successful hand off of the keys from the seller to the buyer.

There were quite a few professionals involved and referred for this transaction.

The mortgage officer got the loan across with out hiccups and coached the buyer on how to finance their home.

The title company facilitated the transaction with quality.

The buyer and seller’s agents both completed their end providing that value making sure each side got what they needed.

The new resident moved into their new home, keys in hand, and everyone is happy.

However, one of the professionals was referred by another, and while they did a successful transaction netting all of the professionals a bonus…

The professional would be wise to continue that relationship with a present that keeps them in mind.

Each and every professional likes to work with others’ that are compitent but the value of reprocity through a thank you gift cements a relationship for a mutual profit-seeking relationship.

And even through one was referred in, its beneficial for professionals to be kept in mind for any other referrals or potential real estate transactions.

The mortgage lender sends a thank you to the buyer’s agent, who then with a new client suggests the buyer at least have a phone call with a mortgage officer that he’s worked with in the past.

The seller’s agent send a unique gift for title company, who in the transaction might need their services in the future.

… and then the buyer asks for some light home remodeling work and if the buyer’s agent or lender knows of any local Minnesotan remodelers.

The networkers and corporate gifting professionals that cement that transactional relationship will continue to prosper.

And if you’re a real estate professional trying to use b2b gifting strategies, Marcelita’s Cookies can help you scale, manage and retain your professional network.

The commission may be in excess of $3000, so a tactical business gifting strategy is needed to get a high return.

We’ll demonstrate how you can use our delicious latino spiced cookies at scale, in a special 1 to 1 conversation with us.

Contact us and book a time, and we’ll share our gourmet gift with you to try and we’ll share how you can get your network eager to return the favor with reprocity.



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Marcelita’s Corporate Cookie Gifts FAQ’s

  • What ingredients are in Marcelita’s Cookies? +

    Our family recipe includes oatmeal, walnuts, butterscotch, white chocolate, a drizzle of milk or dark chocolate… plus a pinch of our secret Mexican ingredients. We use the finest ingredients to delight our customers.

  • How long do Marcelita’s Cookies last? +

    To ensure maximum freshness, Marcelita’s Cookies are baked to order. Our customers tell us that, once the cookies arrive, they are gone very quickly…really! However, if you keep some around for a while, we recommend storing them in a cold place for up to two weeks. Some customers are able to make them last even longer by putting them in the freezer. When they’re ready to enjoy them, they eat them frozen, cold, or at room temperature. Our customers just love Marcelita’s Cookies!

  • Do Marcelita’s Cookies contain any allergens? +

    Yes. Marcelita’s Cookies contain walnuts, soy, milk, eggs, and wheat.

  • What can I expect in the packaging? +

    It’s all about elegance, personalization and protection. Our gift boxes hold either 12 or 24 cookies. Each cookie is wrapped individually and carefully nested in an elegant, premium box with beautiful Hispanic designs. To protect against breakage the custom-packaged box is filled with soft, shredded high-quality paper. We prepare your personalized card with your message or corporate brand and seal it inside a vellum envelope. The outside is wrapped with a satin ribbon that complements the rich red and purple tile design set against a Hispanic lace pattern. The high-end packaging reflects the same attention to quality and elegance that we put in our Hispanic gourmet cookies. You can trust that we want nothing but the best for you and your customers.

  • What are Marcelita’s Cookies shipping procedures? +

    Your order will be shipped within 24-48 hours from receipt. Most customers select UPS Ground. If you need your order sooner, UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Next Day Saver are also available. Once your order is ready, you will be notified, via UPS Tracking, when your gift boxes ship and when they are delivered to your customer. For additional information, please visit our Shipping Info page.

  • Are Marcelita’s Cookies available for corporate gifts? +

    Absolutely! Our customers tell us that Marcelita’s Cookies are a very unique and special gift for their most valued customers and business partners! To make it easier, we have introduced Marcelita’s Cookies’ Your Cookie Concierge™. Please visit our Corporate Gifts page for additional information.

  • What is Your Cookie Concierge™? +

    It’s a special service for our valued customers born out of our desire to provide the most pleasant personal and corporate client gift experience possible. This complimentary service manages every aspect of your gift order from making selections to final delivery ensuring ease and convenience for you. To learn more, visit Your Cookie Concierge™ page or call us at 612-605-5634.

  • Tell me about shopping online and privacy policies? +

    Shopping online payments are processed via a secured SSL session. Our Merchant System is PayPal and we accept all major credit card payments. Our Privacy Policy is very straightforward: under no circumstance will we sell or rent your information. If you receive our promotional notices and you tell us to stop contacting you, we will honor your request and stop immediately.

  • What is the Marcelita’s Cookies guarantee? +

    We pledge to make your shopping experience truly delightful. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will make it right. Just call Marcelita’s Cookies’ Juan The Cookie Man™ at 612-605-5634. Juan will respond to you personally.

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Everything. You simply make your selection. We manage every aspect of your order.

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