When you are looking to show your customers how valued they are, you want to make sure you’re making an impression. Here’s 4 ways to make sure you are implementing great customer appreciation ideas.There are a lot of things in life that really aren’t all that interesting. Most people don’t find much fascination in mowing the grass. Washing dishes is a tedious task. Getting stuck in traffic is rarely a stimulating activity from a mental perspective. Yet, we all end up doing these things on a semi-annual basis. There’s simply no way around many boring happenings in modern life.

1) Skip The Thank You Gifts That You Would Throw Away If You Received Them

While you certainly will not be able to avoid boredom in all facets of your life, you can ensure others avoid the lulls of modern corporate gift giving. Your corporate gifts don’t have to stink. You don’t have to send out boring gifts to your best clients. Being boring is optional…

2) Avoid Typical Corporate Gifts

Boring corporate gift giving is the norm. There’s no way around that. Often, you’ll find companies sending out the wrong types of corporate gifts year after year. Your best clients probably have no desire for a card, calendar or item branded with your company logo. If your boring, company branded gift somehow manages to avoid the trash – it’ll probably end up in a children’s playroom or a dog’s mouth.Gift cards scream “my company is unoriginal and doesn’t know much about your company, even though you’ve been a great client for years” and flowers can be a little too romantic for an office setting (it doesn’t matter that they’re not red roses). Wine and/or liquor may not be too boring, but you run the chance of possibly annoying a client who doesn’t partake of such.

3) Develop Your Taste For Great Appreciation Gifts

At this point, you may be confused about what type of corporate gifts you should send. Well, let’s simplify things a bit here. You want a gift that has mass appeal. Something that is elegant, yet not grandiose. You’re looking for a gift that shows you appreciate a client’s business – a gift that can help build a relationship.And in the corporate world, almost every individual does a few things. First, every person has to eat. This is common sense. However, almost every individual involved in corporate America drinks coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Thus, a gift combing food and coffee is often a great start.Companies almost always prefer snacks and small deserts over actual meals. Snacks and desserts can be consumed quickly, allowing the company to keep employees on task easier. Throw in some proper packaging and you have the perfect corporate gift.

4) Give An Experience Your Customers Will Remember

Combining cookies, coffee and handcrafted coffee mugs into stunning corporate gift baskets is what we do here at Marcelita’s Cookies. If you’re looking to avoid the “boring corporate gift giving” rut, please contact us today. We have a number of corporate gifts that would be perfect for every client of yours.