In modern times, we often confuse marketing with the glitz and glamour that is the Internet. But we forget the importance of relationships. Here is an example of relationship marketing you can easily implement.

Before we get to the simple solution to endear your customers, let’s talk about the problem.

Discussions of marketing are typically laden with “SEO-this” and “PPC-that” while graphic designers meet with marketing whiz kids to create a plan of attack.

However, this wasn’t always the case. Businesses have been marketing since the beginning of time. Long before the computer, long before printing presses – every business since the beginning of time has had some sort of marketing plan. Back in the day, a majority of these marketing plans revolved around relationship marketing.

What Is Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on customer transactions and retention, more than a simple sales transaction. The idea is to build strong relationships with individuals you have sold or will sell to. The hope is to grow their loyalty to your business, so they won’t look elsewhere for similar products and services.

Back in the day, a business would service local customers. The business would focus on treating his or her clients right and doing a great job for every customer. Loyalty would soon follow, and the business would begin to grow through referrals. The relationship was the focus, and the marketing was always secondary.

Why The Relationship Is More Important Than The Marketing

This type of marketing can work wonders in the modern business climate, as many businesses have begun to take an impersonal approach to many transactions. By developing a strong relationship with your best clients, you ensure they don’t leave your business. However, relationship marketing is much more than simply keeping your best clients happy.

Using Relationship Marketing To Grow Your Business

Outside of keeping your best clients happy, you can use relationship marketing to build your business in a number of ways.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Just A Networking Group

Networking is nothing more than building relationships with the idea of doing business sometime in the future. Thus, a business that focuses on relationship marketing find great value in joining a networking group. Joining a local Chamber of Commerce or BNI (Business Networks International) group will put you face-to-face with a number of other small business owners in your community.

Make Things Easier On Your Clients

If your business wants to put a greater focus on relationship marketing, you need to think like your clients think. Put yourself in some of your best clients shoes and see how you could make things easier for them. Programs for frequent customers that offer discounts, freebies and more are often a hit among clients. You could also focus on offering valuable information to clients at no cost. Expert articles published on your site, a forum and mobile apps are all easy ways to help educate your clients – while you build brand loyalty.

Personalized Gifts Keep Clients Happy

Lastly, a personal touch never hurt any relationship. By sending personal gifts during holidays and clients birthdays, you’ll strengthen even the strongest of relationships with your best clients. One great option is to send a snack food or dessert with a personalized touch.

If you’re ready to strengthen relationships with your best clients, we are here to help at Marcelita’s Cookies. Offering a wide array of personalized corporate gifts, you’re sure to find something to please every client. Marcelita’s can even automate your relationship marketing by scheduling gifts to your clients year round with our Cookie Concierge service.