One hope rings true for all business owners and professionals: you want to be memorable to your clients. Not only do you want to make a great impression through your quality service, but you want to go over and above to show them you value their business. However, the question remains, what’s the most genuine way to show your clients you appreciate them?

An unexpected gift speaks volumes to any client!

It demonstrates a deeper level of thoughtfulness, a willingness to go the extra mile, and most importantly a warm and generous spirit. Giving is a form of hospitality, and nothing is more profoundly connected with hospitality than sharing food. Eating together is where everything always starts; relationships are built around tables and over cups of coffee. Everyone eats and every culture celebrates with special food. No other gift you could find is so richly tied to traditions, no other present is more universally accepted and appreciated.

Welcome to Hispanic Cookies Gourmet!

At Marcelita’s Cookies we have created a cookie boutique of elegant gift boxes, gourmet coffee, and corporate baskets to help our clients foster connections and be more memorable with their own customers. We believe that relationships are formed over delicious chocolate studded cookies and piping hot cups of coffee. Our secret family recipe is filled with Hispanic ingredients and is unlike anything your clients have ever received. Not only that, our refined packaging and gift box designs are customized to deliver your personalized message with class.The next time you want to thank your best customers, send them one of our beautiful cookie company gift boxes of treats; we all know the way to a person’s heart (and memory) is through their stomach after all! 

P.S. Our mission is to make the art of gifting unforgettable, and the taste unbelievably delicious!