Looking for corporate gifts for your clients or customers? Gourmet cookies will be the one that answers your search. They’re affordable, delicious and suitable for most occasion and types of clients. Find out more.

Corporate gift is a part of an effective marketing strategy that aims to increase customer or client retention. Gift giving is a longlasting culture to express gratitude to those who helped to grow our business. More a reason to choose carefully, you should choose a present suitable to cater for most occasions and a wide range of clients.

Gifting to your customers or clients can be a tricky act. You need to aim for something that brings value, not just for the novelty. Unused mugs or trinkets with no real value, for example, will do no more than occupying space. Your clients won’t have a good reason to use them, and it will reduce your overall brand exposure.

A good corporate gift will increase your business branding, because they’ll appreciate your gift and see a good value in it. Generally, you’ll look for a present that brings value not only to the business owners but their employees and relatives as well.

You also need to look for their unique personality and culture. You don’t want to give alcohol to clients who don’t drink, for example.

Now maybe you’re asking, “why gourmet cookies as a corporate gift?” Scroll down below to find out.

  1. Acceptable by everyone
    One of the key criteria for a corporate gift is acceptable by everyone. Everyone is unique, with differing personality, habit, and taste. Certain gifts won’t be well received by everyone, and in the worst case, they will be unhappy with the gift of your choice.

    For example, your vegetarian clients won’t be happy if you send them steaks as a gift. Your non-drinker connections won’t appreciate it if you send them wines. Although you’ll think those gifts are excellent choices from artisan shops, there’s no point if they don’t accept them without offending the recipient.

    Gourmet cookies are warmly accepted by everyone. Who doesn’t love cookies? Everyone likes them. Delicious gourmet cookies will impress your clients. They will send a warm, heartfelt thanks to you, and as a result, they’ll expect you to send cookies at least once a year! That’s the power of gourmet cookies for you. Everyone likes them, and they’re an excellent choice for corporate gifts.

  2. Flexible for every client types
    Another thing to ask yourself when looking for a business gift, “will this fit for a wide range of my client types?” Some business owners cater to clients ranging for a one-man startup to Fortune 500 companies. They will look for the most appropriate gifts that easily please those.

    Gourmet cookies are easily one of the most flexible gifts for your diverse clients. They offer cookie packages ranging from a small personalized gift box of three cookies for small business owners, a medium-sized box of a dozen cookies for business managers, to a large party box of two dozens cookies for executives.

    You can fill the order easily at the same dealer without having to look for others. This offers a gift option with flexibility for a wide range of clients.

  3. Strong corporate brand impression
    You not only seek to please your clients with a valuable gift, but you should seek to impress them too, in a good way. A gift that’s too commonplace will make less impression on your clients, while exotic ones might break your budget, even though they seem like a perfect gift.

    Good impression will impact your corporate brand, and it will make your business stand out from the competition. They won’t think of your company as an ordinary business who gives ordinary stuff as a gift. This will give the impression that you’re thoughtful and caring for your clients, which in turn strengthen your client base and improve your customer retention.

    Cookies might sound to you as another commonplace gift. How about gourmet cookies from artisan shops? They’re a rare occurrence. Gourmet cookies are expert-made, with personalized boxes and gift cards that represent your company’s goodwill. Inside those boxes lie delicious, exotic cookies, unlike their supermarket counterparts.

    Imagine, as an executive receiving those elaborate cookie boxes. He will open it with utmost care. He will look at the gift card that you’ve personalized to represent your company. Then he will take out those cookies and give them to his employees.

    As the entire company is munching on your gift, one of the employees might ask, “who has kindly sent us this delicious treat?” When the executive mutters your name or company’s name and his employees are having a blast, you know you got the winner.

  4. Shareable with clients’ relatives
    People like to give holiday gifts to everyone — clients, connections, friends, and family members. When you give your clients holiday gifts, they will not only share them with their employees but with their relatives as well. As with the concept of being acceptable by everyone, the gift also needs to be easily shareable, in order to spread the spirit of the holiday.

    As everyone likes cookies, gourmet cookies will up your gift. Normal cookies will interest maybe some of your relatives, but gourmet cookies, especially famous ones, will pull in much more. Everyone will sit around the fireplace, eating delicious cookies together. Gourmet cookies will make a difference for holiday meetings if you haven’t tried them, and they will be a most-wanted gift if you have shared them before.

A corporate gift is an important element in any business relationship. Valuable gifts will leave a lasting, good impression. They will represent your company’s goodwill, and it will get better the more valuable gift is.

Gourmet cookies are an excellent choice for reasons above. You might not see the value when you haven’t tried one. But once you receive the box and start munching those cookies, you’ll wonder why you never thought of sending them as a gift.

If you’re in for Mexican gourmet cookies based on a rich historical family recipe, carefully packaged in a personalized box with your own signature as a gift for your clients, click here to order and start spreading your goodwill.