Corporate Food Gifts for Clients (How To Close More 20% More Proposals With Unique Edible Gifts)

Stuck with closing more proposals? Consider sending corporate food gifts for clients as a way to build goodwill easily. Find out how unique edible gifts can be a powerful tool and help you close 20% more sales with minimal effort.Gifting is a good marketing tool to close more sales. The idea behind gifting is to be thoughtful of your prospects by sending them something of high perceived value, but also at low cost for the sender. The goal of gifting is to start a warm relationship with the recipient, to make them more open to your suggestions.Coffee Mug Made In USACan You Get More Responses With Corporate Gifts?Many marketers suggest that you should research ahead before choosing your freemium. Yes, you need to plan your gifting strategy according to your market. A sloppily chosen gift can be worse than giving nothing at all. An example of this is sending Starbucks gift card or cheap wine bottles, a method used by many business owners. It will make your gift looks like a cheap promotional marketing campaign, and it will hurt your brand, something you don’t want.In this blog by a strategic B2B gifting company, it’s described how gifting can outreach 1-to-1 prospecting.“Where most sales prospecting campaigns fall short isn’t in effort, it’s in execution. Dangling headphones in front of a stranger will rarely turn them into a trusted business partner. But providing a consultative sale, and adding value to each prospect through every interaction — including gifting — will help you position yourself as a resource your prospects can rely on to help them do their jobs better.”Teams that implement a 1-to-1 gifting approach for prospecting can increase active prospects by 20% and uniquely picked gifts are 2.3x more effective at creating business opportunity than sending swag alone.”Be Thoughtful With Your GiftAlmost 99% of gifting strategy looks like a cheap promotion, and you should avoid it by being genuine with your present. Never skip the research process, you don’t want to go with people who use cheap gifting. People will know if you give them something that you ordered last-minute before Thanksgiving Day. By being thoughtful, your prospects will see you as one of one thousands or ten thousands, you’ll stand out among the noise of marketing buzz in everyone’s life.Your prospects get a lot of exposure from advertisements and attempts to elicit sales from them. Your gift needs to have the power to cut through all this noise in order to pull out the response you want from your prospects. If you’re being thoughtful with your gift, you will not only get more customers but also earn more referrals and keep them longer.John Rulin, who wrote a book titled “Giftology”, teaches people how to grow their business with gifts. In a Forbes article on him, he said that:“It’s maybe the most commonly used saying when businesses send out gifts: “This is a token of our appreciation.” But to John, there’s no better way to get ignored or convey that you don’t care about the relationship. “I think the word ‘token’ is a swear word,” says John, “and that’s what everybody calls their gifts. No one would ever describe their relationship as ‘token,’ so why would you ever say that about a gift.”Unique Gift to Drive Good ResponseA gift should be recipient-focused, not your brand. Further on Forbes article on John Rulin, he added:“No one on the planet, not even the tackiest person would go to a wedding with ‘Compliments of John Ruhlin’ engraved on the present. And yet in business, we call it marketing when we hand out polo shirts and cheap leather bags with our logo attached to our most important relationships. And then we have the audacity to call that a gift.”“That’s not a gift. A gift is recipient-focused; a promotional item is brand-focused. And when you try to blend both of them, most of the time what happens is you’re filling up landfills with items with your logo on it. And stop giving out polos with softball-sized logos at golf tournaments, because those just end up at Goodwill.”You don’t want your gift that delivers goodwill to backfire. Putting an effort to personalize your gifts will go a long way to demonstrate your thoughtfulness. It will establish trust even with a prospect on his first touch.Standing Out With Unique Edible GiftsInstead of gifting cheap cafe gift cards, you should consider using a box of donuts and coffee with a card with the recipient’s name on it. Polo shirts and cheap leather bags will end up at Goodwill. But with something edible that looks delicious and targetted at your recipient? It will increase the chance they will accept it, and make your gift stands out more than polo shirts.A vice president working for a fund management company used gourmet cookies for Thanksgiving and other special occasions as a gift. At the first time, he was unconvinced, but he was surprised by the response. His customers and clients loved it, and it made his company stood out. The gourmet cookies package also came with a personalized box and a high-quality gift card.“We’re in a very competitive business, and by using Marcelita’s Cookies, this is a real effective way for us to be able to separate ourselves from our competitors. The way that we personalize this gift package is by offering a gift card that Marcelita’s Cookies offers. It’s a very high-quality gift card that allows us to provide a personal message along with my signature.”How Unique Edible Gift Easily Fit Every OccasionAs mentioned before, researching your recipients is important. You don’t want to land in an awkward situation like gifting wines to non-drinkers, or steaks to vegetarians, for example. However, no one will resist unique edible gifts. Some people use gourmet cookies as a unique edible gift to a great effect. A business development manager used Marcelita’s Cookies with a personalized box and a gift card, with fantastic response. Their clients even expect her to send them a box of gourmet cookies every year. That’s the power of sweet delicious treats that targets your recipient. You can never go wrong with it.Final ThoughtsGifting is a powerful tool to get responses you want from prospects and clients alike. Being thoughtful with your present, it’s really effective. A unique edible gift such as gourmet cookies can easily increase your closing rate or customer retention. Many businesses have used them to great effect, and they have better brand image while doing so.Click here to check out Latino Gourmet Cookies, baked for corporate gifts.