Delicious Valentine’s Day Marcelita’s Cookies!

Valentine's Day Gift Cookies

Delight your loved one with a beautiful Valentine’s gift of delicious Marcelita’s Cookies.

Marcelita’s Cookies are incredibly delicious Hispanic gourmet cookies made from our tasteful blend of walnuts, oatmeal, butterscotch chips, white chocolate, topped off with a drizzle of milk or dark chocolate… plus a pinch of our secret Mexican ingredients!




Your Personalized Valentine’s Message


cookie gifts for valentines day

We will carefully prepare your Valentine’s gift of Marcelita’s Cookies with a handsome Hispanic presentation and packaging along with your personalized Valentine’s message. It’s an attractive and elegant way to delight your loved ones!

Select your Valentine’s gift and, to ensure on-time delivery, place your order by no later than February 9th.

For any questions, call Your Cookie Concierge™ at 888-270-5794